Why did Shabnam Faria-Apu’s marriage break up?

Faria-Apu's marriage break up
Faria-Apu’s marriage break up

The Shabnam Faria-Apu family separated after one year and nine months of marriage. Shabnam Faria has given a status on Facebook through which he talks about divorce. He has also spoken to the media.
Asked about the reasons for the divorcee, Shabnam Faria told the media that there was no significant reason behind the divorcee. As a result, there are no complaints from them. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to continue their gambling activities.

He said: “My mother always said: “Not a leaf of a tree falls without God’s command, we can only try!’ That’s how Apu and I try to stay together for a long time! “But at one point the matter became very hard. We have come to the conclusion since the beginning of this year and we no longer want to have a family together. So I ended 5 years of my married life and my friendship. ”

“Human life is like a river,” Faria said in a lengthy Facebook post. Sometimes tidal, sometimes low tide. Sometimes the water rises with the rains, the water dries up in the winter. It happens in our lives too!

Some people come into our lives; Some are permanent, others cannot survive for any reason!

My mother always said: “Not a single leaf of the tree has moved without God’s command, we can only try!”
This is how Apu and I try to stay together for a long time!

However, at one stage the matter became very difficult.
“What will people say!” Thinking we are torturing ourselves.

“Life is too short, it better to endure so much suffering”? With this in mind, we decided earlier this year that we no longer wanted to have problems together.

It took us a year to understand each other! We finally ended our two-and-a-half-year marriage, thinking, “God bless you.”

Divorce is, but love is not divorce! There is no separation of friendship!

As long as we live, we will have love and friendship!
We just finished our marriage! This event can stop the rhythm of our life, the rhythm will slow down, but life will not stop!


I have many blessings, love and best wishes for Apu. We can find the happiness for which we are separated. Everyone will pray for us.

Don’t underestimate our colleagues by saying “media marriage doesn’t last”! We have a family like family marriage, perfectly as a family “for family reasons”!

We have never lacked of love or trust, nor will we!

And a request to my dear journalist brothers, look at the matter with a little humanity! Please!

Two divorces means separation of two families, separation of many memories! Taking a break from lots of good times is not a pleasant feeling for anyone! Don’t embarrass us by posting delicious weird news! We want to respect each other!
Thanks! ”

Shabnam Faria and Harun Aur Rashid Apu signed separate letters on Friday (November 2).

However, actress Shabnam Faria and private employee Harun Aur Rashid Apu got married on February 2 last year. On this day, the bride Shabnam Faria appeared at the wedding in the guise of a floating fairy! At the same time, the groom Harun Aur Rashid reached the shores of Apur Lake and got into a horse drawn carriage. No artist has ever taken part in such an aesthetic wedding before. It takes place in the open space in the deep and impressive “Jal-Jochna” of Mirpur cantonment area.

In 2015, Faria-Apu was launched via Facebook. The two formed a good friendship. Three years later, they crossed the line of friendship and exchanged rings in February 2016.

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