Al Jazeera Sami, a character wrapped in crime

Al Jazeera Sami,

Sometimes Tanvir Sadat, sometimes Sayer Zulkarnain. Once again, Zulkarnain Sayer Khan, the main character in the Al Jazeera film, is the person involved in countless crimes including cheating by changing his name. His real name is Samiul Ahmed Khan. After losing his mother at an early age, he became involved in theft and fraud and changed his mother’s name to ‘Tanvir Mohammad Sadat Khan’.

When he was expelled from all the cantonments, his name was ‘Samiul Ahmed Khan’. Involved in the world of drugs and darkness, he chose a new name Sayer Zulkarnain. Sami has been involved with mountain extremists for the past few years.

His classmates and acquaintances on the Al Jazeera issue are making these allegations through social media. From childhood to the present against which there is no end to the allegations. Based on him, Al Jazeera’s investigation team has made a film about the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, the Chief of Army Staff and the army.

Al Jazeera Sami,

Photo: Sami’s passport on the left and driving license on the right.-Al Jazeera

Sami used his father’s fake name in his passport and driving license. In two places he named his father Wasit Khan. But his father’s real name is Basit Khan.

The handcuffs of crime in childhood
Samir’s father said. Abdul Baset Khan was a retired army officer. Samiul Ahmed Khan is the eldest of Abdul Baset’s four children. Although he was born in 1974, according to the school, his date of birth was October 6, 1986. He has been accused of theft since adolescence. At the age of 14, Sami lost his mother. Her father remarried two years later.

In the family of an honest mother, Sami has stepped into the dark world ever since. After being expelled from the cadet college, he was admitted to Ispahani School in Comilla. From the age of 15 to 18, various allegations were leveled against Sami, including taking drugs and harassing girls. Due to his drug addiction, his relatives and classmates used to avoid him.

Forbidden Sami is the central character of Al Jazeera
Samiul Ahmed Khan alias Sayer Zulkarnain alias Sami started stealing when he was a teenager. At the age of 18, on January 30, 2000, Major Wadud, who was working in the ECB, was caught stealing a tracksuit brought from abroad. In July 2000, Tiger officers were caught stealing ivory from a mess and selling it to Angana Jewelers in New Market, Chittagong.

Due to his father’s job, he sometimes falsely identified himself as a second lieutenant in the army and sometimes as a captain. On 27 and 29 April 2001, Sami entered the Dhaka cantonment as a second lieutenant.

Utpal bought a belt, boots and rank uniform to prove himself as a second lieutenant. Sami was apprehended by the Military Police (MP) at around 2pm while entering CMH through Jahangirgate after visiting a newspaper office in Dhaka, Rapa Plaza, Dhanmondi and Zoo in a cab with a taxi cab from Utpal’s house. Exactly two days later, on May 2, he was released from the Army MP’s desk on his father’s promise.

Fraud and arrest in the name of RAB
On July 20, 2006, a RAB officer bought a mobile phone worth Tk 990,000 from AJ Telecommunication in Farmgate and gave a fake check. Similarly, he talked about buying 10 laptops from a computer firm called Price Club and later brought 2 laptops with a check. When the check was dishonored, RAB-1 arrested him on the basis of the complaint.

After this incident, he was declared NPG and was made unwanted in all cantonments and offices. After this incident, Sami’s father abandoned him for living an uncontrolled and disorderly life. The next day, July 23, 2006, Lt. was killed in a tragic road accident. Colonel Abdul Baset.

Samir is as scandalous as women
Sami was married with the identity of an army officer. The security official of the US embassy with the broken VHF (Wakitki) took about crores of rupees from some people in the name of issuing US visas. Speaking of business, he also took money from many people. He also married the daughter of an army officer without informing his first wife.

After starting a restaurant business in Hungary with the help of his father-in-law, Sami became involved in BNP politics. Many are looking for him to make money by talking about business. Can’t come out in public for long.

Case against Sami
Last year, Shayer Zulkarnain Sami was one of the accused against the Cyber Crime Unit for creating instability by spreading various rumors online, including harsh and offensive propaganda about the Father of the Nation, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the liberation war, and corona virus.

The detectives searched the laptops and mobile phones of the accused on the charges of anti-state propaganda from Wei R Bangladeshi page and found evidence of the involvement of 11 people. In this context, a case was filed against the 11 people including Tasnim Khalil and Sami under the Digital Security Act in May 2020. David Bergman wrote a column in protest of the case.

Samir has given a long status to his friend Saif M Ishtiak Hossain on social media Facebook about these crimes. His status is exactly what the reader needs. ”

‘The brothers of the army chief are such a big mafia that they have to flee abroad and run a restaurant business. They really gave the government, the law and the judiciary their necks. Al Jazeera’s video proves how strong the rule of law is in the country that mafias are also on the run !! They can’t stay in the country safely, they can’t do mafia work.

But I will talk here in a slightly different context. I would rather talk about the Hungarian businessman ‘Sami’ shown in the video. She is a classmate of my childhood school. His father was an Army doctor, and my father’s colleague and friend.

Samir had a younger brother named Mahi. Sami and her younger brother lost their mother in a road accident when they were just 14 years old.

Two years later, their father got married for the second time. From then on, Sami started living in the family of an honest mother. From taking drugs at the age of 15-16, there is nothing that he would not do, including harassing girls. There are many disciplinary allegations against him in the school.

After her father was posted in Dhaka, she seduced a girl by posing as an army officer in her father’s army uniform while living in Dhaka and later ran away and got married. When it was later found out, his father kicked him out of the house. He has not had any contact with me since then. A few years later, their father also died in a road accident.

I heard that Sami passed SSC but could not pass Inter. I later heard from a common friend that after divorcing his 1st wife (whether he divorced or not) he seduced the daughter of another high-ranking army officer and started a restaurant business in Hungary with the help of his father-in-law. (This can be investigated as to how he does it)

An addicted boy with such a disturbed background can do a lot for money. And since then he has been doing a lot of things, from stealing for money. With reference to a boy like him, Al Jazeera made the Prime Minister and Army Chief of a country corrupt and mafia. Seeing that, Chagura could jump, but I couldn’t.

More information will come out if Bangladeshi detectives pull over how Interfel Samio started his business in Hungary.

The truth of what I said about Sami can be verified by my school friends at that time. I tagged them too. (Here are two people who are tagged, Tawsif Rahman Mishu and Nazmus Saqeb). Al Jazeera

Attachment: Sami X Cadet. In class eight, he was expelled from the cadet due to discipline. Later we were admitted to Ispahani Public School in Comilla. ”

Omar Sharif Arefin, another well-known friend of Sami, also mentioned various information about Sami on social media Facebook. Arefin’s status is also highlighted for the reader’s purpose;

‘He was talking about eighteen years ago, doing a course at IIMT, friend Pradeep introduced him to a boy, X cadet, beautiful looking smart and smiling face. The boy’s father or colonel, honest mother at home, expelled him from the military academy and got married out of love, and for all these reasons his cruel father abandoned him in the conspiracy of honest mother.

He often told me his sad story, as far as I can remember, he also worked for a while at IIMT. Al Jazeera

As a result, the conversation escalated, he had some tea, cigarettes, snacks and water. As an ex-cadet, he had a demand from me, and I did not spare him. Then one day he called his wife or the hospital is infected with dengue, I need some money, I suspect, his wife’s school girlfriend in the cycle of events, then my fiance.

I thought I called him and thought I would tell him that his girlfriend is dying. After calling him, I was shocked, the boy’s wife or just left his house, completely healthy! Al Jazeera

From then on, I would not give that boy a lot of lai. Then the day went by, one day I heard that the boy was caught stealing the telephone set from the office, a few days later I found out that his wife is likely to have children.

It was like this, then we met again with the hero, wearing white Punjabi and jeans, he was walking around with a broken VHF (walkie talkie) set with an antenna in his hand.

I watched VHF and asked what to do with the broken radio, he said he works as a security guard at the US embassy so you have to keep the radio! Usually the range of all these radios is several hundred meters!

But then we were getting married in Shantinagar, I realized that it is also a magic! A few days later, he left his wife and children in the air, ran away and got married, his wife was kicked out of the house by his parents, the girl then fell into a huge misery. Her husband is missing, she has a small child, her marriage is also hampered by her studies.

According to some, she had a hard time getting a job. A few days later, I was sitting in a restaurant when I saw the hero coming down from an army jeep. Inside, his health had almost tripled, along with a girl.Al Jazeera

He was shocked to meet me, but the boy did not panic, saying that he had just got married, General’s daughter Alhamdulillah! My wife immediately called her girlfriend and told her everything.

Her girlfriend means that Hero’s first wife fell from the sky, she doesn’t know anything about it! I have heard that the Baishakhi Tandab Leela was going on in the women’s court for a long time, I said in my mind Lucky Man!

Then the day went by, we said. Kamal’s house son-in-law I met a so-called journalist Bergman, Razakar Gu A went to Akka crushing the mill, the rest of the pigs are hell dwellers Alhamdulillah!

The Padma Bridge is almost over, all of a sudden I see the face of that hero on YouTube today, Alhamdulillah, his health is better now, I recognized him after watching the video, but I was a little hesitant.

Note: I just found out from the post of another school friend of this Samijbi that Samijbi is not actually an X cadet.
BB: D: I just found out again that Samijbi is actually an ex-cadet but he was expelled in class eight !! Let’s not think of him as much as I thought of him as 420 ….


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