About Us

Bangladesh(bd) is changing. It is time for the new generation of Bangladesh to be heard, so that their vision of our country can be promoted. The Dhaka Tribune is here to be the platform for the new voice and vision.

The editorial team is fully committed to delivering accurate and impartial news with the aim of informing the public debate and enabling Bangladeshis to make informed decisions.

Our commitment to those we serve is to seek truth, provide facts, and provide relevant context and analysis when appropriate.

Our tone of voice is unbiased, objective and fair. Our goal is to include all relevant opinions and ensure that no important thoughts are ignored.

We will try to dig up places that others do not do, give voice to those who do not have a voice. We are all responsible for all sectors of public responsibility – government, business, NGOs, and more – on your behalf, our audience, as well as all citizens.
Our goal is to conduct professional, trustworthy, trustworthy and transparent journalism.

We seek to allow maximum participation in national dialogue and lead to collective decisions that will be driven by the vision of a new generation of countries, not by the prejudices of any political party or group.

We are committed to the values ​​on which this country is founded, in particular the sovereignty of the country, democracy and secularism as well as the development of a prosperous, just and tolerant society.

We will speak out for human and civil rights, not only for selected groups but for all citizens, but we will also foster open and respectful debate on the best way to achieve all of these goals.

Our newspapers and websites are here to provide canvases for Bangladeshis(bd) to show their best ideas to help transform this country into a knowledge-based society where citizens can express their creativity and ingenuity.

As the new generation grows and rises to new heights, we would like to be your partner in helping Bangladesh create the long-awaited sign in the world.