What Abu Twa-Har said about the missing: Home Minister


What Abu Toha Adnan’s wife said about the disappearance .On his way to Dhaka from Rangpur, the young Islamic speaker Abu Twa-ha Muhammad Adnan and his three companions were abducted. Adnan Bhai’s wife went to every police station and gave a GD but no one came forward to help her.

O Lord of the Ka’bah, bestow special mercy on Adnan Bhai and his companions as well as the family of Adnan Bhai and his companions and make arrangements so that the missing persons can return to their families quickly.
Said Amin !!! Abu Toha Adnan’s wife

missing abu tuha adnna

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said the government was taking the issue of religious speaker Abu Twa-ha Adnan seriously. After completing the six-month basic training parade of the 21st Battalion (Male) Battalion Ansar at Safipur Ansar VDP Academy in Gazipur, he
Abu Twa-ha spoke about Adnan wife.

“Whether it is a resort or a bar, where law is broken, our law enforcement is taking action and will take action,” he said.

Ansar officials said 979 newly recruited battalion Ansar participated in the concluding parade after receiving six months of basic training. At the beginning of the parade, the chief guest visited the parade in a well-equipped open jeep. The Director General of the Force and the Parade Commander were with the chief guest at the time.

Later, the trainees marched and greeted the chief guest. Then the chief guest Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan presented awards to the meritorious and smart trainees.

Sajib Mandal best drill in basic training, said. Mohiuddin Fahim was the best firefighter and Rakib Akand was the smartest trainee battalion Ansar.

Addressing the members, Home Minister Naveen Ansar said, “By using the knowledge, talent, labor and skills of the training, you will take the Bangladesh Ansar and the Village Defense Force to a unique height.” As a proud member of the disciplined forces, he will play a strong role in keeping the forces in a strong position.


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