Although the prices of most companies have increased in the stock market, the index has decreased

Although the prices of most companies have increased in the stock market, the index has decreased,The nation’s financial exchange finished the exchanging day on Thursday, the last working day of the week, in the midst of a descending pattern in the record. Albeit the offer and unit costs of most organizations expanded on this day, the list diminished and the exchange diminished. Around the same time, exchanging on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the really securities exchange, begun with the cost increment of practically every one of the organizations. In the primary moment, the principle cost list of DSE D SEX expanded by 26. The DSE’s fundamental value record rose 35 focuses at 10:35 a.m. as the value pattern of most organizations proceeded.Although the prices of most companies have increased in the stock market



From that point onward, the offer cost of the greater part of the enormous capital organizations began declining. Therefore, the primary value file of DSE fell by 26 at 11:15. Be that as it may, shortly the circumstance changed once more. After the breakdown, one organization after one more composed its name in the rundown of cost increment. At 12:30, the primary cost list of DSE expanded by 50.

Financial backers were expecting a major ascent toward the day’s end because of the turnaround of the record. Be that as it may, as a general rule it didn’t occur.

Albeit the greater part of the organizations kept up with the pattern of rising costs, the offer costs of a few huge capital organizations, which significantly affected the ascent and fall of the list, fell towards the end. Therefore, the week’s exchanging finished with the fall of the list.

Toward the day’s end exchanging, the DSE’s principle record D SEX fell 6 focuses to 6,342 focuses.

Among the other two lists, the DSE’s Shariah fell 4 focuses to 1,595. The DSE-30 file, which is composed of all around chose organizations, is down 20 focuses at 2,008. Offers and unit costs of 218 organizations exchanged on the DSE during the day. Then again, the cost of 116 has descended. Also, the cost of 36 remaining parts unaltered. The market turnover was 2,496 crore 20 lakh rupees. In the past working day, the exchange was 2 thousand 61 crore 26 lakh rupees.

Although the prices of most companies have increased in the stock market

Accordingly, the exchange has diminished by TK 164.06 crore. Portions of Large Hollis Bangladesh were the most exchanged stock on the DSE. Portions of the organization worth TK 237.06 crore were exchanged. Orion Pharma, which is in the runner-up, had a turnover of TK 139.65 crore. Force Grid is in the third spot with 93 crore 63 lakh shares exchanged. Likewise on the DSE are the main ten organizations as far as exchanges – Paramount Textiles, Beximco, MPH Steel, Summit Power, Beximco Pharma, SS Steel and Advent Pharma.

Then again, the general value record of Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) CASPI diminished by 69. The market turnover was Tk 106.15 crore. Of the 312 organizations that participated in the exchange, 156 rose. Then again, costs of 131 stocks declined, and 24 stocks stayed unaltered.

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