EXIM Bank Career Opportunity applicants

EXIM Bank Bangladesh has invited applicants for the position of Managing Director, Trainee and Trainee Assistant (Cash). Interested candidates must apply through the online recruitment system.
Eligibility of candidates for application must be a postgraduate or 4 year degree in any discipline and advanced level of computer science. The age limit of the candidates cannot be more than 30 years.
The web application will be available until November 30, 2019.
See the details of the EXIM Bank Bangladesh Limited circular:
Chief trainee officer’s probationary period of consolidated salary taka 50,000 / – and trainee officer 37,000 / – and trainee officer 25,000 / – cash. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, they will be confirmed as “Executive Director” or “Manager” and have a gross monthly salary of 65,700 / – or 44,700 / – or 31,200 / -.

EXIM Bank Career Opportunity applicants
EXIM Bank Career Opportunity applicants

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EXIM LOI plans to open fully (FID) by 2021:

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It is important to note that CEPA is not subject to the Code of Conduct for Goods and Services.
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