Coronavirus: What if you become infected?

Corona virus: What if you become infected?
Corona virus: What if you become infected?

After a coronavirus infection, people naturally panic every time they experience some symptoms such as fever and tuberculosis or body aches.

And when it comes to gatherings and lack of services in public and private hospitals, many are looking for specialists in medical assistance.

But what if you find out that you have many symptoms of coronavirus infection?

The Ebookbd spoke with Sabera Gulnahar, head of the virology department at Ebookbd Rajshahi Medical College, Kazi Saifuddin Bennur, doctor at the Chest Disease Hospital in Dhaka, and Tahmina Shirin, head of the virology department at the Department of Pathology, Disease Control and Research . government.

Differences in principles
The first symptoms of coronavirus infection are fever and tuberculosis. You may also experience muscle aches, bloating, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, occasional abdominal pain, and nausea or vomiting.

Doctors argue that if a person has more than one of these symptoms in himself, then he is trying to “exaggerate” the principle that separates other family members.
This will prevent the virus from spreading to families, workplaces, and people around them.

If possible, once in a separate residence, where you do not have to worry about going to work or other work. Family members will drop off food, necessities, and other medicines from the door.

If this is not possible, remove at least six parts of the distance and wear a mask.

The model must be tested
However, doctors say that now, if one or more symptoms usually arise fever, it is necessary to take Kovid-19, which consists of analyzing the sample and performing treatment.

Corona virus: What if you become infected?
Corona virus: What if you become infected?

These models can be tested in the public and private sectors. Coronavirus samples are at present being tested in 72 government laboratories in Bangladesh. 32 of them are in Dhaka.

If available, call the hotline number provided by the Department of Health or call a Public Surgeon or Local Municipal Corporation.
You can test free samples in government laboratories.

The government has charged up to Rs 3,500 for private check-ups at hospitals and up to Rs 4,500 for house costs.

Rinse and steam hot water
The model can be said to be analyzed, but it must work every day without delay until the information is read.

The first is to heat it with hot water, and doctors recommend heating it at least four to four times a day.

Also drink hot steam several times a day.

Eat nutritious food
Doctors support that currently include foods that increase immunity.

So much, like more protein foods. You can eat soup. Eat foods rich in vitamin C.

Consult a doctor
Consult a doctor at this time. In this case, the specialist first takes the drug after seeing a prescription shared by someone working through social media.
See a doctor through a telephone or video conference, including acupuncture medicine with your symptoms and signs.

However, vitamin C, vitamin D medication has no side effects, so it can be taken without a prescription.

Controls oxygen levels in the body.
At this time, fluctuations in oxygen levels in the body must be calculated. A small medical device called a pulse oximeter can be closed nearby.

Corona virus: What if you become infected?
Corona virus: What if you become infected?-Ebookbd

Heart rate and oxygen levels in the body can be measured by touching the finger joints.

Generally, an oxygen level of 95 to 100 percent is considered normal on a pulse oxometer.

This means that when oxygen levels are below 95 percent, there is oxidative stress in the body, which can cause shortness of breath, headaches, bone pain, or an increase in heart rate.
How to reduce stress from home for one long times?

So you have oxygen. Then the patient must be transferred to a hospital or receive oxygen at home.

However, many doctors are of the opinion that you should not go to the hospital if you are not breathing.

You need to take care of your own mentaly health
A large number of people suffer from mental illness when infected with Covid-19. Doctors think that, at the moment, it is necessary to take care of the patient’s mental health and it is very worthwhile.

Here are some tips to think positively and seek the help of a psychologist if you need it.

Particular attention is paid to diabetics and cardiovascular patients
People with covid-19 disease who have health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or asthma, or their mayor, are at higher risk than other patients.

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