In the United States 317 people are shot every day and 106 die

United States
United States

President Joe Biden said gun violence kills an average of 3,360 people a day in the United States.

He said 108 of them had died. “Enough is enough, now is the time to stop,” he said in a video message on Facebook on Friday.

The US President has claimed that there is enough sympathy from the Congress for the victims and the victims! The law to stop the violence of these guns is also empty. Thus, Congress should not only stop mourning, it should do more.

United States

Earlier on Thursday, Biden and his attorney general, Merrick Garland, announced limited measures to control gun violence.

The White House described it as the first step in stopping random shootings, bloodshed and suicide in the United States.

At the time, Joe Biden issued an executive order to control registered home-made firearms called “ghost guns.”

He said gun violence was an epidemic in the country. This embarrasses the United States in the international arena.

There is no need for congressional approval as the President is taking new steps through an executive order.

The measures will include legislation for specific types of firearms, strengthening background checks and efforts to prevent local violence.

However, it would be difficult for Biden to protect the right of every citizen to carry a weapon through the Second Amendment and to take effective action against registered weapons, as many consider the arms control law to be a violation of their constitutional rights.So now United States president joe Biden is facing a lot of questions about it

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