Inauguration of Tangail resettled branch of Padma Bank

Inauguration of Tangail resettled branch of Padma Bank

Inauguration of Tangail resettled branch of Padma Bank,Padma Bank Limited is working assiduously to make deals easier for the accounts of Tangail, which is celebrated for its sari and chamcham. To continue this service, the bank has new shifted its branch to SR Plaza, Masjid Road, Tangail Municipality. All types of designer banking services are available at this branch.

The dislocated branch of Padma Bank was officially inaugurated on Monday by the premier guest managing director and premier managerial officer. Ehsan Khasru.
Chief Operating Officer of Padma Bank Jabed Amin, Head of Human Coffers M Ahsan Ullah Khan, Cluster Head Selima Begum, Tangail Branch Manager Syed Nazmul Bari along with ancient officeholders of other departments of the bank, endemic dignitaries and intelligences were present on the occasion.
Ehsan Khasru started his speech by wishing the 75th birthday of Prime Minister Bangabandhu’s offshoot. Expressing full confidence in the visionary leadership of the Prime Minister in applying Bangabandhu’s development thinking and juicy creed, Ehsan Khasru pledged to take Padma Bank forward.

At this time, he said, the bank is moving forward as a result of proper guidance of the board of directors and the labor of all. The Managing Director of the bank thanked the officers and hirelings of the bank who have kept the banking services functioning as a’ fore fighter’despite the constant imminence of being affected by the ongoing COVID epidemic. This time he broadcast a special program to collect deposits through the new‘Marketing Advisor’ generality. He instructed the officeholders to concentrate on collecting deposits by gaining the trust of the clients. Ehsan Khasru.

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Incidentally, the fourth generation Padma Bank Limited has been giving banking services to


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