Man City-ManU has won the title fight -Man City

Man City
Man City-ManU

 Two clubs in Manchester have won the title race.

Manchester City beat Aston Villa 2-0. United beat Fulham 2-1. The Red Devils are at the top of the table with 36 points from 19 matches. And playing one match less, with two points less, the citizens in two of the tables Man City.

Pep Guardiola must be kept as. Throughout a large part of the start of the season, those citizens who were seen to be in a state of disarray were at the top of the points table for a few hours.

Aston Villa Giant Killer in Strange Season. They beat Liverpool 6-2 and Arsenal 3-0. Has drawn with Chelsea. So Manchester City had to enter the field forgetting the record of winning the last 10 matches in the EPL against them.

Who can crack the defense! Countless attacks of citizens have returned from the D-box. The frustration of the Sterling-de Bruyne-Foden continues to grow. In the 54th minute, he reached the peak of frustration due to the obstruction of the crossbar.

Aston Villa also failed to take advantage of the counter attack. You have to wait up to 79 minutes to break the deadlock. Bernardo Silver’s goal left the Giants breathless.

The Claret and Blue armies are reckless. That’s the curse. They became a team of 10 people on red card. Mancity gets a penalty as well. Gundogan scored from the spot kick. Guardiola’s team won 2-0. This is their ninth win in a row in all competitions.

Another Manchester giant United was under pressure from City’s victory. In the 5th minute of the match against Fulham, the fold of the forehead became darker after digesting the goal.

The Red Devils have returned from Creven Cottage with a win in the previous 4 matches. Even today it is slowly settling down. Opportunity seeker Edinson Cavani in Lily White’s D-box. In the 21st minute, the Giants equalized on the feet of the Uruguayan star.

Bruno Fernandez in a sudden aggressive manner. The barpost shook once. The Martial-Maguires also attacked.

Paul Pogba gave the Devils the lead in the 85th minute with a dazzling goal. All subsequent attempts have been in vain. Man United have returned to the top of the table.

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