Mosarat Jahan Munia, daughter of Comilla city

Mosarat Jahan MuniaMosarat Jahan Munia, daughter of Comilla city. She was a second year student of a college in Dhaka. Police recovered the body hanging with his fan from a flat in Gulshan on Monday evening. He lived alone in that flat in Gulshan.

Sayem Sobhan, the managing director of Bashundhara, the country’s top industrial group, had a love affair with Anveer (the eldest son of the owner of Bashundhara Group).

Mosarat Jahan Munia


Mosarat Jahan called his elder sister on Sunday and said he was in trouble. Hearing this, his elder sister came to Dhaka from Comilla on Monday.

When he went to the flat in the evening and the door did not open after many knocks, he opened the lock from outside and entered the house and saw his sister hanging with a fan and informed the landlord about it. Then
Police came to the spot and recovered the body.

Mosarat Jahan Munia

The little hope is that,

Mosarat Jahan Munia, the sister of the girl, has filed a case against the accused Sayem Sobhan Tanvir for inciting Munia’s suicide with the help of some brave media personnel and the police have accepted it very quickly.

Mosarat Jahan Munia


But due to the alleged socio-economic dominance of the accused and the fear of declining profits in the advertising business, the media did not dare to reveal his name until the case was filed.

Not only that, after the case was filed, many media outlet have tactfully avoided the name of the accused in the news related to the case.

And the group that is accused of this incident (Bashundhara) is owned by the four media outlets owned by the group, Bangladesh Pratidin, News and Bangla news.

Sadly, the government, the opposition, ministers-MPs, government officials are all more or less vocal against the irregularities, but if any industrialist is accused of any irregularities, only the media owners-editors are silenced for fear of losing profits in the advertising business.

Complaints against the family members of the owner of Bashundhara Group are not a new phenomenon today. There are obvious allegations. To which no justice has been done till date.


Mosarat Jahan Munia


Tareq Rahman was managing the events then, the government will manage the current events with any influential leader?

I was waiting to know that. Note that Mosarat Jahan Munia’s father is a heroic freedom fighter. I am waiting to see how the children of the freedom fighters on the streets protested against the accused Sayem Sobhan Tanvir.

Lastly, I demanded the maximum punishment as per the law of Sayem Sobhan Anvir, accused in such a heinous and shocking incident.

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