Palashbari education office corruption arena!

Palashbari education office corruption arena!
Palashbari education office corruption arena!

Although 10 to 15 percent was taken in the name of VAT, 8 and a half rupees was deposited in the government treasury. Allocation checks do not match without bribes. Teachers do not know the news of travel allowance. This is a picture of Palashbari Upazila Education Office of Gaibandha. Teachers are the people who are skilled in building people.
Allocations were made to several primary schools in Gaibandha’s Palashbari upazila in the 2019-20 financial year in various sectors including minor repairs, renovations, slips and routine maintenance.

The teachers complained that the entire amount of the allocation was deposited in the account number managed by the single signature of the Upazila Education Officer. Allegations of poaching in the name of teachers’ travel allowance have been leveled against the officials and employees of the education office.

Shahid Suhrawardy, finance secretary of Palashbari in Gaibandha of the Bangladesh Government Primary School Teachers’ Association, said, “My VAT has been deducted as 10 per cent but deposited as 7.5 per cent.”

Manjurul Haque, president of the association, said, “We went to the education office more than once but we were not paid.”

After deducting 10 and 15 per cent from the government allocation for VAT and depositing seven and a half per cent in the government treasury, the remaining 13 lakh seventy one thousand 650 rupees and the double allocation in five educational institutions disappeared with nine and a half lakh rupees. Besides, Asadul, office assistant of the education office and Abbas Ali, head of the office, withdrew Tk 3,93,540 in two installments in the name of teachers’ travel bill, but some teachers were given only Tk 500.

Abdul Aziz, general secretary of the Bangladesh Government Primary School Teachers’ Association in Palashbari, Gaibandha, said, “I was given 500 rupees for signing a blank bill and it was said that this is your bill.”

Upazila Education Officer Abdus Salam admitted the allegations and immediately rushed to the spot.

Meanwhile, the district primary education officer assured to look into the allegations.

Gaibandha District Primary Education Officer Hossain Ali said, “I will take the necessary steps in this regard.”

Accused education officer Abdus Salam has been charged with various irregularities including misconduct with teachers.

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