Ronaldo removes Cola bottle, loss of Rs 30,000 crore, the agency said

Own report- Cristiano Ronaldo came to the press conference before the match on Tuesday and removed the cold collar bottle. He said, ‘Drink water without eating cola.’ And that is the great danger. The cola company announced a loss of Tk 30,000 crore. Ronaldo removes Cola bottle

Ronaldo came to the press conference before the match in Hungary on Tuesday and removed two bottles of cold cola and handed over a bottle of water. As a player, he wanted to say that drinking water is good for health. This video spread all over the net. It was then that it was guessed that something like this was going to happen. It is natural for a world-famous star footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo to have an impact on the public. Even so. The removal of Ronaldo’s Cola bottle did great damage to the company. Their prices in the world market went down by about 30 thousand crore rupees. The stock market fell about 1.6 percent. Ronaldo removes Cola bottle

Meanwhile, the star footballer has set one record after another, starting from the field against Hungary. He scored a pair of goals against Hungary. From one penalty, the other misplaced the opposing goalkeeper. With the first goal, he set the record for most goals in Euro Cup history. As well as scoring goals in the fifth Euro Cup, he also set a unique example of scoring goals in all his Euro Cups.

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